Welcome to the UNIQUe Certification

UNIQUe is a high quality institutional certification for outstanding use of ICT in learning and teaching. It is awarded to universities or institutes, after a process of self-assessment and external peer review, for renewable periods of three years.


  • DOBA Awarded UNIQUe Certification

    Today, the Director of DOBA Faculty Jasna Dominko Baloh and the Dean of DOBA Faculty Viljem Pšeničny received the UNIQUe international quality certification from the hands of Anthony F. Camilleri, representative of the European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning (EFQUEL). DOBA Faculty is thus the first and only higher education institution in Slovenia as well as in SE Europe to receive the UNIQUe international quality certification, which is awarded for use … continue reading

  • UNIQUe presented at Moscow conference

    EFQUEL was present in the 6th Moscow Education Online conference, which was organised on the 8th of October by Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and Career Development (AKKORK), the official partner of EFQUEL for promoting and selling the UNIQUe certificate in Russia. The Moscow Education Online conference is a one day conference strictly oriented on the specialists in e-learning quality assurance. About 60 participants took part this year and … continue reading

  • UNIQUe Website Launched

    As part of EFQUEL’s continued roll-out of the new UNIQUe criteria, we have launched a new UNIQUe website to provide information on the criteria and certification process. The website currently contains all information necessary for potential applicants to assess their interest and suitability for the process. In coming weeks, we will also be adding: information on reviewers and the awarding body a best practice repository linked to the criteria … continue reading